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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  November 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief what a night to have a fig. clinton aides were described as elated over the breaking news from fbi today.
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it was an all clear from james comey. in a letter to every member o congress, the trek tor said the fbi has finished examining all the new e-mails discovered on a computer belonging to huma abedin and her estranged husband and strange husband as well, anthony weiner and nothing has changed his coop conclusion this clinton remains cleared. for the second time in two week, drek comey was tat center of a bombshell. today, newt gingrich accused him of caving under enormous political pressure and donald trump said the fbi know, what he means by this, knows clinton is guilty. here he is. >> the vest dpagss into our crimes will go on for a long, long time. the rank and file special agents at the fbi won't let her get away with her terrible crimes, including the decleegs of 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena.
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they forget about all of this. right now, she's being protected by a rigged system. it's a totally rigged system. i've been saying that for a long time. you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in eight days. can't do o it, folks. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. and now, it's up to the american people to deliver justice on november 8th. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton's running mate said the entire episode raised a lot of questions. let's watch. >> i think there's still a lot of questions ab it, but about how it happened and why and altered dynamic for a few day, but we did have the confidence when we were surprised with it two fridays ago that we would be back in place because they spent
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so much time looking at it and reached a conclusion, so we're glad to get that news, but not surprised. >> it's clear the clinton campaign want to keep comey on the ground. it seems to me it's a pretty clear, they've cleared her. >> they've said they've gone through the e-mails. that part of the looking at these e-mails that were on anthony weiner's computer is over. this is not halftime. they have finished their analysis of the e-mails that the director told congress two fridays ago they were going to be doing. >> 650,000. how did they reduce it down? >> 650 is the total number of e-mails on the laptop, so first, you win o down to those that belong to huma, then the automated pros to see, they call
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it deduping, so see how many on the laptop they had looked at. matched those. once they had done that, they looked at what they had left an some turned out to be social messages. some we're told do forward e-mails that had been described as containing classified information, but fundamentally, they don't find new classified documents thaerp in the aware of before. >> looks like to me, case closed. the one we were talking about two fridays ago was reopened or continued and then they said well, whatever reason we had for doing that two fridays ago, is kaput now. there's no reason to believe she's guilty and i say that because trump has been so clear saying she's guilty because they continued this investigation. he said she was obviously guilty of o an agree jous crime worse than watergate. >> it's case closed politically at this point, even though
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conservatives could disagree. the politically, a whole lot of donald trump's cloiz closing argument is built around the idea there was that criminal conspiracy. global conspiracy called the clintons. and that this investigation was evidence of the seriousness and the gravity and the earth shaking nature of it. not the mention the fact that if it were to be ongoing, the clinton administration should it be elected would be cripple. therefore, trump was saying you can't elect her because she will be a crippled president. you need me. now, that argument is knocked out from under him. i would think the clintons though would just as soon we stop analyzing. >> i know. that's what i don't understand. why don't they do like in a football game when you get to the last minute, spike the ball. why don't they want to dothat? >> first of all, they would just as soon not keep the story going. they want to go to philly
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tomorrow. end on a high note. a lot of her recent advertising has been positive. >> how recent? >> last day or two. little confidence there. >> the low road, i take high road. >> there's that and also, i think there's a lot of recentment. want to keep their options open about how they deal with comey and the fbi afterwards. >> i think you agree one of the reasons trump was playing it this way was to dishearten the clinton voter saying the person who wanted to vote for clinton. put her in that, investigations and probes and impreachments. suppression of the vote. thab that's in the air. >> i think that was mostly aimed at republican suburban women. i'm sure kelly ann conway, anybody in there who does campaigns and does this for a living, democrats weren't being swayed to vote for trump because of this. it energized democrats because ilt felt come in and the other
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report, that energized democrats. >> what's the story? >> the story beiessentially thes a group of pro trump fbi agents in the field office in new york whosk pushing these investigations based ton book clinton cash. a tied to steven ban. >> there are some disgruntled agents. >> who are talking to rudy giuliani, there's this whole conspiracy against hillary clinton inside the fbi. that energized democrats. i think what the clinton campaign was concerned about was that you had nip days where comey put out the letter and nine days of people voting based on that. that's in the can and so, even if he takes it back, a loft people wondering why didn't they just look at the e-mails. come to a conclusion. >> you think as a power suggestion, you start. it's hard to figure to this out, but if you had these nine days in which he's been put under sus
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pig by the statement by the fbi director, is that a reversible? >> you're all better. >> well i think joey's right. in a state like florida ands with early voting, you can be the take those days back and to the extent that the turnout among young people, suburban women, young people, who love bernie sanders and are looking for a reason not to vote for hillary clinton and be in love with bernie forever, they might not have shouppe up. you're not going to get those votes back necessarily. that's one reason why hillary is focusing her last days on places like pennsylvania and michigan and virginia. have early voting. so, this will be helpful to her in the last few days. >> i want to go with you about the culture of the fbi. i've been trying to get the democrats to criticize comey to answer this question. are they arguing there's some outside republican partisan
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influence on the fbi that caused him to make the report friday a week ago? or are they arguing there's this conservative feel something the fbi's not the peace corps. what is your sense of the culture of the institution? is it more like lie will that the push to go after hillary clinton if there was one was internal rather than being inflused by part season from the outside? >> yes. and you have to remember, some of this is the typical field headquarters. conflicts that happen in any business. probably happens in the plumbing business. the insurance business. i can tell you, it happens in the network news business. when the field agents get started, you mean the reporter wants to get on the air. whatever. or of what the story is and the people of new york think they know better. this is typical. you get the field agents who get started. they take it to mean justice. they say you're not there. i've seen it happen in the boston marathon bombing case when the agents -- others
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charged just -- and his brother m and the main justice didn't approve that. agents get very upset about that. so, you see that happening here. i think it's more the headquarters field than it is any kind of political. >> the partisanship addressed toward the agencily people like harry reid. really? hat shack, you go after an agent because he's involved in local politics. >> i think politics was part of looking at it from outside. i don't really understand the internal workings. >> i think the influence is on -- the effort, nonpolitical good cop. used his considerable political skills to try to be that person. he got in a little over ahead of the skis here because i think what he was worried about and tell me if i'm wrong, there would be a weak, in other words,
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if he did not listen to the vest garks there would be a leak in the republican ons the hill. they're mad at him for not indicting would be on his case. i don't think he wasn't aware of that and the other thing i've heard and i don't know if it's the same thing, the relationship between the fbi field office in new york and the new york city cops that the new york city police are the ones telling rudy a lot of what was going on. zpl whoun what jumps at people on the democratic side? jason chaffetz from utah. he comes out wednesday before the fbi and says i'm voting for trump. the next day, apparently, the agents tell comey what's up and he puts it on on friday. so he's a day ahead of comey. because you go, wait a minute, that's what i hear from supposition if people. today, he was the first one out with the news. seeps to have it. >> and so does rudy julgiuliani.
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>> so it's convince dental. >> that part, i know, but i know there are a lot f people who thought he tweeted it out before the letter went to the hill and that's not true. >> a form er congressman, two days ahead. i'll tell you guys. >> and you have elijah cummings and john conners calling for the inspector general, department of justice to look into this and into what comey did. because when you talk to the former ethics lawyer for the bush white house, what he says, it's not just democrats are say ing that comey's job is to resist ta kind of pressure. you're afraid of leaks, that's fine, but his job is not to sper seen. >> what would you have said if it had leaked? >> there's nothing in the e-mail. they would have done the work as the president said and then they could have sent a letter to conditioning saying we have this laptop, we found i mails, but
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there was nothing in them. >> picked up by the major press. >> republicans would have beat him up. that's what he's getting paid the big puck buts for. >> two points. one is the question of whether he should have sent the letter r, which i think is what you talking about. the second point is what the letter said. and even if he had, b ooempb if you defend the decision to send it to congress, if the letter had been less dell fick, more clear, we got these e may mail, don't know in anything's in them, but by saying they may be pertinent to the investigation, a loft people jumped on that and said there must be something there. >> that, the fact that people responded that way sort of threw the fbi for a loop. they thought they sent a letter that was clear and it may not have been. he did is same thing on a grnder scale where he said we're not going to indict hillary clinton,
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but she was careless. >> the promise put a constraint on the speculation. i know it sounds easy now, but he could have said something, but the only reason to believe she's guilty. but he didn't want to do that. >> all he had to do was behave the way he and the fbi have behaved with regard to the trump side. i think part of the problem is a big difference with how the fbi is treating vests into russian influence. >> explanation for that. the fbi had no choice on the e-mail investigation. it was a referral from the intelligence. >>. >> i made a judgment about comey a long time ago. so i've sort of thought my sense is he's a good -- >> too careful and too political. >> we try to be perfect and we fail. next, a much wider, joy, i know
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where you're coming from. got passion. coming up, donald trump continues to rail against what he calls a rigged system. what can we expect to see from him on election night? will he concede if he loses and he says if he wins, i'll accept the results. clever. this is -- said that, too. this is "hardball." the place for politics. i have asthma...
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governor, how is he doing conceded the presidential election to president true man. >> when you see the restrained of the democratic headquarters and the unabashed sadness, emyness, i feel a sense of
5:20 pm
humidity. >> well, that was a four way race then, too. welcome back to "hardball." that was nbc news calling the 1948 race for president. harry true man in the first election ever broadcast on this medium while the kovrnl has changes. that was apparent in 1960 when john kennedy defeated richard nixon. here's nbc's coverage. >> needs five more to go over the top. could not be the state of washington. could be california, new mexico. it could be hilz illinois. the odds are that kennedy will win. >> there are some results still to come in. if the present trend continues, senator kennedy will be the next president of the united states.
5:21 pm
>> the election may be a close one. i want to express to them and mr. nixon personally. >> coming up in two days will be an historic election. cleared hillary clinton of any wrong doing. in the context of one candidate trump has call id the election rigged. 2016 koib the year this county elects its first woman president. i'm joined my people that know history. dan rather, my friend axis tv. and susan page, washington bureau chief for "usa today." bow to history for a second.
5:22 pm
susan is the best we go got. this election, i guess the question is, will trump cause more trouble if he loses? >> he's capable of that and we shouldn't underestimate the danger of this talk of a rigged system. it goes to the core. if you listen tos voices of reason, after the election is over, the question is, what kind of country are we going to have? what kind of society are we going to be. >> america has always been steady. calm. peace loving people. that hasn't gone by the board. all this talk about eventually, you'll go this way is mildly interesting, but in the en, you need to pull back what we call the wide shot. what's the election going to be
5:23 pm
about? is what kind of country are we going to have. >> even al gore he wob the popular vote gave the best speech of his life in 2000. >> i think we've crossed the divide. i'd love to be optimistic on the night before but i'm not. there are too many things that have happened already. the fact that three senators have said if hillary is the next president, we can go four years without a supreme court nominee. back to 1991 and the most bitter fights with clearanthomas. >> 52 votes was enough. >> now, you've got situations where you know, the idea that the only way i can lose seems to be donald trump's message if it's rigged. i'm less concerned with what he says tuesday night. though i think it's going to be grim, than what happens in
5:24 pm
january. if the climate is that the base of the republican party believes that next president is a criminal, not just wrong headed on policy. and that everything we can do should be done to stop this. that there are no norms that we will not cross. you know, we've had a situation where the full faith and credit of the united states have been placed into jeopardy by not raising the debt ceiling. if all those norms have been broken, i don't have a lot of faith that yes, let's all work together. really? >> jeff's so right because it takes some mineral level of cooperation even to get a debt ceiling through. sounds so boring, but they have to do it come january, february. >> it takes an assumption that even if you were voting for the other guy, you accept the other person elected president. i think that's the question when donald trump raises questions about a rigged election. buzz because that means you don't necessarily have to accept the vote. as being the fair and accurate vote in a legitimately elected president. i was talking to nicole hemmer
5:25 pm
about the last time we had this kind of presidential election where these accusations and allegations were made before the vote and she came up with 1860. which was the first election of lincoln. before inraug ated. >> i love concession speeches. i've been following politics since i was 5. that's the one moment of truth. the guy or woman who lose, tends to say something poe etic. like steveson. too old to laugh. what was it, too old to -- >> it hurts too much to laugh and i'm too old to cry. >> ed brook from massachusetts said i i didn't cry in the mountain. i will not cry in the valley. these are great moments. >> for one of the few times i can remember in a long career, disagree with my friend. i'm an optimist by nature an by experience, that's true. but very optimistic about how the people of the united states
5:26 pm
will react to the election. yes, it makes a difference, what kind of o concession speech the loser gives if they give a concession speech, but what really counts is what is in the heart of the people and they're going to want a government led by a new president that can get things done. america was built on optimism. i know it's hard and easy to be cynical. try never to be cynical and i think that's the spirit of the american people. >> i remember kennedy after he didn't get a decent concession, he never really gave it. he had cut out a deal with the old man, joe kennedy, got a meeting with herbert hoover. got nixon to agree to go meet with him and basically concede. i argue it really is important that the loser say i lost. >> i don't disagree with that. what i'm suggesting is that look, you know this better than i do. i don't often say that to you. a man can go to the al smith
5:27 pm
dinner and accuse him of hate catholics is not playing by the rules you and aassume. >> you did. in front of all of us. i was watching that thing, no, you know she's sitting next to the cardinal. you don't do that. part of the thing that i think i'll speak for myself that i didn't recognize until way too late was many of the things that trump does that have broken all these rules of civility. the name of the great novel we pfotenhauer like ft those were futures. the fact he was willing to behave that way show he wasn't lockeded into the system. and that's why i have some real problems. >> that suggests to played a suit, the play he is, he has to deny he's lost. >> hillary clinton campaign is now trying to make plans to deal with the situation where he doesn't concede. or whether he's not gracious,
5:28 pm
where she's put in the position where that natural honeymoon, the kind of lift that a newly elected president doesn't happen for her. how coyou address that? you saw her start to do it today, where she says i want to be president of the people who voted for me and the people who didn't vote for me. their plan involves trying to do something quickly after she takes off. >> how would wo you think she could do that. >> you mean -- >> distrust. >> i think the only way you can effectively deal with it is by getting something done. >> you know, bobby kennedy, he said hang a lantern on your problem. >> no. >> that was the line. because oh, yeah, he would kid about being ruthless. so ka>> my only quick point is obviously, what he will want to do is to reach across the aisle, to people who didn't vote for her, but mechanisms by which you can demonstrate that, by cooperation, play it out briefly. she's got her own problems on
5:29 pm
the left. she goes to paul ryan if he's still speaker, says let's cut a deal. some entitlement reform, maybe instruction with a two tiered system. >> her best bet is to be magnanimous. grateful and humble. which we haven't seen much of that on the campaign trial from her. that's her best bet. if she wins. >> yeah. i think you know the human way of doing this. maybe the human way will work. thank you u, guys are great. up next, you're always around. donald trump made an enemy with latino voters that may have knocked him out of the nevada. john ross is going to join us. he says trump's dead as a door nail in nevada. the silver state. he's coming here next. this is "hardball." the place for politics. jack be , jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames,
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reno and northern nevada can carry this state. but don't let crazy, broken hairy reid and his corrupt political machine decide this election. it's being reported that certain key democratic polling locations in clark county were kept open for hours and hours beyond
5:34 pm
closing time so bus and bring democratic voters in. folk, it's a rigged system. it's a rigged system. and we're going to beat it. >> welcome back. that was donald trump campaigning in nevada. over the weekend. nevada was once thought to be leaning trump's direction, but after a wig early voting period, is it still as close as it was? one person who should know the answer is nevada political expert, john ross. he joins me now. john, you were all over the place. you have stuck your neck way out. well beyond the guillotine and the question is, why do you risk your reputation on such a sure statement such as trump is finished in nevada? >> well, chris, i guess i just wanted to get clicks on that post. i'm kidding. i've been watching these early voting trends for a long time. the numbers here in nevada look almost identical to what they were in 2012 when obama won the state by seven points.
5:35 pm
the democrats have built up this huge ballot lead in clark county. about 73,000 ballots. that's 70% of the vote already this and clark county is 70% of the state. chris, the math does not work for him unless there's something really strange going on there or there's some gigantic turnout on election day. if you do the math, he essentially has to win election day by more than ten points unless he's just crushing hillary among independents and then she'd bleeding democrats. neither of which is showing up in the private data i've seen. >> let's talk about what's not on television or in the numbers. can you in conversations, do you sense an an mouse towards trump to the la tino community? >> no question about that. you look at the main latino turnout driver in the state, which you know is the culinary union, now more than half hispanic. it's in a dispute with trump at his place here. trump las vegas.
5:36 pm
you can just sense it just by a lot of newspapers have interviewed people. both nationally and here. and they are not, they're not going out to vote for hillary clinton. so much as they're going out to vote against donald trump. there's a clear lack of enthusiasm in the democratic base for hillary clinton. visa vie what it was here in 2012. but trauurp has taken fircare o that for them. >> let's talk about early voting. does that tell you about energy and attitude? the fact you get out and vote early? >> yeah, listen. the green machine, the krupg political machine that trump referred to by the way, those polls places were not all kept open late. what he said is false, but forget about that. for a second. the read machine does two things incredibly well. did it in 2008 and 2012. they find those voters and turn them out early to bank those votes because they assume the republicans will have a turnout
5:37 pm
advantage. they got the registration numbers up in the last few months here, 90,000 voter lead statewide. so even if the republicans have a slight turnout advantage, it won't make up for the registration numbers. these are enthusiastic voters, but they're ones that the read machine is driving out to turn out early so they can bank those votes. these are partisan democrats. not cross overvoters. >> let's talk about trump's assault on the legitimacy of your vote iing out there. he says that voting place where there's a large number of hispanic voters were kept open hours later then bus load of people were arriving after the klosing time. what's the fact? >> there's no evidence that bus loads of people arrived at the closing time f there was one polling place chris a a supermarket where hundreds of voters, most of them latino, were if line when the polling
5:38 pm
place was supposed to close. they always keep them open and let folks vote who are in line. that happened at a few other poling place, but there were no buses bripging people. now, it is true the casinos in the culinary union bus people to the polls during early voting, but that wasn't occurring on friday evening. face it, chris, there weren't that ma votes that were bankeded during those times anyhow. the democrats won friday by 11,000 ballots. they had banked most of those before the polling places were kept open. trump as usual is living in a fantasy world when he talks thabt kind of thing. john knzpl only have to wait un tuesday night. thank you so much. from nevada. any way, hillary clinton's in the stage right now in manchester, new hampshire. she's with kaiser ken. the gold star father who spoke at the democratic convention.
5:39 pm
later was the target of donald trump's personal attacks. up next x our top story. the fbi gives clinton a clean bill of. she's clean. you're watching "hardball." the place for politics. simulation initiated. ♪
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welcome back. with just a couple of days left, hardly two days, the finish line is in sight. as time has it, the end is near. seems creepy. this presidential election has been one of the most polarizing. here are some highlights or low lights. zpl she's the devil. he made a deal with the devil. >> it proves yet again he is temper mentally unfit. >> isis. is honoring president obama.
5:43 pm
he is founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. cofounder. crooked hillary clinton. >> imagine if you dare imagine, imagine him in the oval office facing a real crisis. a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> hillary clinton is a a bigot. who sees people of color only as votes. >> so, he has a long record of engaging in racist behavior. >> for more on what this year b has been about and if the country can come back to it, getting together, i'm joined by
5:44 pm
michelle bernard, journalist and host of studio 360 and hugh hewitt, msnbc political analyst. i love the way you guys are all named after your organizations on the seattle radio station. >> missing out. >> that was a p.o.w. camp in the civil war. what do we know? people around me, my producer says mutual destruction. even the fbi has been brought down to a lower level than it had been. everything seems to be the media. everybody's been impugned. mostly trump. doing this. >> the coarseness of our politics, it's been increasing, getting worse year after year. politicses don't listen and now, we've seen it culminate in one of the most embarrassing campaigns we've seen in u.s. history. i feel like the country is the laughing stock of the world. not just because of who the
5:45 pm
republican nominee is, but the fact that the people will stand up during the republican debate talking about who has small hands, who has wet their pants. crooked hillary. it's terrible. >> you know, i was thinking, what it is is when your army is retreating, you burn the field, kill the animals so the advancing army can't eat and they starve to death. it's almost like that. burn uing everything around you. >> i would argue that hasn't been much burning on the democratic side toward the right, but it is, we are not, however it happens tomorrow, however it comes out ton tuesday, it's not going to be owl a o kay and the thing that beyond the coarseness, all those things, it seems to me we have tipped over into a time when facts don't matter. with this post factual age, the post truth age. >> does matter, attitude? >> and my facts, patrick moynihan said you can have
5:46 pm
different opinion, but aren't entitled to your own facts. we are at a place where people behave -- >> i would argue they can get the same fact and have a totally different attitude. you can say hillary clinton's an ambitious woman. decided she had a shot at the presidency in the late '90s. to a republican, critic, that's evidence of evil. to a democratic, that's a courageous woman as a path finder, someone who's had the guts to run for president of the united states and really go all the way and mean it. >> but that's the way it's always been. that's what politics are. oh, here are the facts. my spin is this. your spin is this. this is different where donald trump can can lie and lie and lie and the people who support him accept perhaps for hugh, don't care. >> good news. on friday night, i was at the -- >> voice for broadcasting. >> thank you. i heard chairman of the joint chief of staff joe dunford give a speech about the american
5:47 pm
military, how it's not proeken, how it's the greatest in the world and then honored five core men rescue professionals who had run in to rescue their fellow warriors and it did remind you, there's a lot that's not proeng in america. the supreme court has weathered a very unusual time with a great deal of o dignity and some compromised. i think the house of represe representatives is going to work well under paul ryan. i think the fbi's has gotten a bad wrap. i'm kind of happy it hasn't been more damage done. >> the best babble players. more important than tharks we have the best education. all the kids with wealthy parents, sars, they want to educate their kids. if some dictator got cancer, they come right here, so we have education, we have health care for those who can afford it.
5:48 pm
the best in the world. so we are excellent in so many ways. >> and silicon valley. endlessly entrepreneurial. there has to be some kind of coming together after this is all oaf to say we have to fix obama care, which is failed and the premiums are driving into despair. >> another way in which things are good is crime. crime by depending on what you're talking about and where is down 50 to 80% in the last 20 years. >> are cities safer? >> yes, they are. >> gang. >> certain areas of chicago. that's what i'm talking about. when donald trump is kay, oh, the murders are higher than they've been in 45 years. now, they aren't. >> he's making up facts. >> that's in the true. >> i don't want to rain on our happiness parade. >> why you doing in? >> you don't know what i'm doing because you haven't heard thwhai
5:49 pm
said. what i was about to say, i disadwree with trump when he said we need to make mesh great again. america is great. when we talk about the things that are great about america, we're making the same mistake. because for people who can't afford health care, for people stuck in an education system based on zip code, we saw it with occupy wall street, then the tea party and now with the rise of the kkk and these nationalist groups. people who are suffering want to be heard by the government and they feel their government institutions aren't hearing them. >> i agree with everything except the importance of the kk. >> the importance of the kk -- >> how many members does it have? >> i don't know, but the fact that the kkk's newspaper came out and endorsed donald trump last week, the fact we are seeing a rise of nationalist groups, the fact we are in a society now where it's okay not just to not be pc, but to say overtly racist things is a
5:50 pm
problem and the only way you cure it is to get jobs r if everyone. >> i think the kkk is a joke. it's irrelevant. doesn't even hardly exist. >> as a white machine, you can feel that way. you can feel that way. as a white male. i have not encountered and the fear is that i might and i don't want to. >> there's no john burge society anymore either, but there are million of people who could be, who would have been john birnlger. >> i think it's a joke. any way, i urns your concern. >> the nationalists are rising. it's not good. >> thank you. have a lot of opinions on this show. up next, my election diary with just two days to go before the 2016 presidential election. this is "hardball," the place for politics. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila!
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election diary sunday, innocent. that's the news tonight all over america. hillary clinton has been exonerated by the federal bureau of investigation. james comey declared today the agency stands by its determination of july, that there's tho reason to charge her period. the fbi director said that having combed through the e mays found on the laptop, the fbi has no reason to order the swrul determination that secretary
5:55 pm
clinton should not and could not be prosecuted. there's no she committed a crime. this is huge news. when the fbi director announced they were looking at the e-mail, it shifted the. trump became a strong contender. the election became a tail biter. it took the news that hillary clinton was the subject of an investigation a while to fade. the past week, there's been a continual rise in her polling. wii friday, we could report she had reestablished the lead. today's news that the fbi has cleared her will add to clinton's advantage and it should. once people absorb the fact that the fbi is no longer probing her e-mail, we should see an uptick in support for her. i have tried to reserve judgment of director comey. hit to the right, to the left. he will no tout face another surge of criticism. this time from the right. this right doesn't want to see hillary clinton clear. face it, cleared of anything,
5:56 pm
but comey isn't running for president. neither is the fbi and today, clinton got a break. trump found himself still attacking her, but now, without his fbi probe of e-mail. and that's "hardball" for now. tomorrow night, monday night, president barack obama, michelle obama, hillary and chelsea clinton will appear in a giant election eve rally in philadelphia. bruce springsteen willerer form and "hardball" will be there. from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. big night in philly. up next, i'll join brian williams and rachel maddow. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. look at that. you are looking live at democracy plaza. what we affectionately call home. and up the road in new england, you're looking live at an event in manchester, new hampshire. hillary clinton has taken the stage for a late sunday night rally there on this night before election eve. tonight there is big news. we have been kickoffing breaking news all evening. today's letter of fbi director comey


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